All About that Bass

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Music is a huge part of my life. It's one of the most therapeutic things, I think. Whenever I am stressed out and upset or angry or just do not know how to react, music always helps me feel better. When I leased a car for work, the one requirement I made sure that it had were good speakers so I can just blast music and rock out to myself.. ;). 

When you can't just pump music in public? The most crucial thing to have? Good headphones. My favorites are the ones that help emphasize the bass, and the ones I'm wearing are definitely ones that do it well..and on the plus side? They're SUPER affordable and so cute for everyday. 100% hands down one of the best deals for your buck...which I'm sure you can tell...they're sold out at the moment! Check out their website at www.theankit.com and use discount code 'STARRINGSAM20' for 20% off your purchase. Happy shopping!



Over the Knee

Banana Republic Scarf
Abercrombie & Fitch Sweater
Chanel Bag

I've been looking for the perfect over the knee boots for a long, long time. Initially, I deterred from buying Stuart Weitzman after taking a pair of 5050 boots back after deciding that they didn't fit well on me (it clumped too much). I was also a big leather kind of person so I never really gave suede a fair chance--also probably because of the way I walk I figured suede shoes would need wayyy more maintenance. 

Anyway long story short I wanted a pair of over the knee boots that were more fitting--something that had a pointy toe and a comfortable heel and was pleasantly surprised to find all of that in these Highstreets. Now I try to wear them every chance I get...Thank you Stuart Weitzman!



Snow and More Snow

  Mackage Coat (also here and here)
Cashmere Turtleneck
Rag & Bone Jeans (15% off if you buy 1 pair of denim, 25% off if you buy 2 pairs until 3/15)
Chanel Boy Bag

Hi everyone! I'm back from my spontaneous Aruba vacation and my 10 day long trip in Italy...so stay tuned for photos coming soon to the blog! Follow along at @samanthanie on Instagram for some sneak peeks of what went on on both my trips!

Here are some photos I took prior to leaving on vacation--on which was pretty much one of the coldest days I had to experience this year. We walked 2 blocks to Central Park to snap some photos after lunch and within 10 minutes I couldn't feel my feet! :( Mind you that I had cashmere and my warmest coat on too...and warm boots! Pretty sure that sparked my trip to Aruba haha...I was born and raised in New York, went to school in Michigan and really still can not get used to the cold. Good thing it's starting to feel a little more like spring now! Here's hoping that it stays that way!