Draped & Studded

Stateside Draped Mini Dress (other colors on sale here)

Forgive me guys..it's fall and I'm clearly still posting summer photos but I'll be posting more appropriate ones soon since I just got back from a beautiful trip to Iceland and it was definitely NOT dress weather there haha. Here is one of my favorite dresses from this summer--I adore the muted fern color. Super understated and the drapey style provides a flattering cut for almost every body shape.



Summer Lovin'

Zara Pleated Skirt
Forever 21 Mules (new styles here)

The weather is starting to get a lot colder in NY (and when I say a lot colder..I mean it's still high of 70s and 80s but it's dropped to 50s at night)! Since the weather usually just throws you into fall, I'm trying to hold on to as much of summer as I can--you'll see them in the next few posts. I'll be wearing lots of crops, light dresses--pretty much all things summer until I pretty much can't get away with doing it anymore (which honestly will be soon because I get SO cold, SO easily), but that kind of gives me more of a reason to dress the way I do in this post right? 

Who else is sad that summer is almost over? :(



Femme Culottes

Theory Crop Top (similar here, in grey here)
Line & Dot Culottes (on sale now)

I can not tell you guys how long I have been searching for a pair of culottes that were flattering...and also a bit more feminine that really went with my style. Then I found these floral lace ones (which are on sale now!!!)...which if you have been following my blog for a while, you'll know I'm a huge fan of lace.

My style has really transformed over the years from very colorful printed everything to a more minimalistic look so I was so ecstatic that I put in my credit card to order them so fast I kind of wasn't sure whether I typed it in right when I pressed "Place Order"...hah!

I'm working on posting way more frequently so keep on the look out! :)