#UnseenAcne + GIVEAWAY!

Happy Monday all! I'm starting this week strong! I've teamed up with Neutrogena to give away a set of products to help fight unseen acne.

Did you guys know...?
  • Acne actually starts forming under your skin weeks before you see it--hence "Unseen Acne"
  • Just because your skin looks clear, doesn't mean acne isn't already forming
  • Neutrogena scientists have discovered a way to see this "unseen acne", through a proprietary Clinical Skin Imager. The high-tech camera reveals clogged pores that aren't visible to the naked eye
  • In order to have clearer skin in weeks, you need to have a clear skin routine now
  • Only Neutrogena has cleansers (and makeup) with MicroClear® which pushes acne medicine deep down to the source of breakouts

Here's a before + after photo!

As you can see, my skin has definitely cleared up a bit. 
Honestly, using the products above for the past two weeks has made my skin feeling SO good, especially since my skin tends to get a bit oily around my T-zone, and usually when I break out, I get HUGE pimples. Using these products have kept my skin super clear, especially during the time I need it the most--trust me guys, it's been kind of stressful at work, and stress = break outs. 
Oh and can we talk about this grapefruit smell they have going on in all the products? Best. Smell. Ever. 

Also, if any of you follow me on instagram (@samanthanie), you'll know that I'm huge on selfies. Here's a few tips to help you guys with the selfie you'll need to take in order to enter this giveaway!
  • Take a selfie from a higher angle, it shows your features off best
  • Standing facing away from the sun always provides the perfect lighting
  • Make sure you wash your face before putting on makeup...nobody likes cakey make up on top of make up!
  • The more eyeliner you have, the bigger your eyes is a myth. Try wearing eyeliner on the waterline of your eye, and keeping your lid bare!
  • Be confident, relaxed, and act natural! Selfies come out best when you're yourself!

Anyway, here's the rules to the GIVEAWAY.
1. Follow me on instagram @samanthanie
2. Take a selfie using the tips above and hashtag #unseenacne #neutrogenaselfie, and tag me in it so I know you entered!
3. Have fun! 

The giveaway will end next Monday, September 29th. There will be two winners who will get a nice package of the above Neutrogena products!
Good luck! 


That's A Wrap!

Working in a more corporate environment, I have struggled a bit with being able to dress appropriately but also fashionably. Clothes need to be a certain length, and more conservative, and I can't say that it has not been a challenge. I did find the perfect work dress though during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale, and yes it's what I'm wearing in my photos above!

BCBG never ceases to let me down. The wrap dress above is not only classy, but has a black and white engineered print to give it some oomph, which allows me to be not only work appropriate but also look a bit more stylish.. :) DVF also has amazing wrap dresses too if BCBG is not your kinda brand. Also, doesn't this make me look a lot more mature..? :)


US Open

Valentino Rocklock Bag

Went to my first US Open, and definitely have made it a pact for it not to be my last. Even though I got pretty sunburned (and really though guys, I never get sunburned. Ever.--I've gone to Miami when it's scorching and have gotten away with putting only tanning oil on while my girlfriends all got burned like a lobster--so you can kind of tell how intense the sun was that day), it was such a blast. 

The food was amazing, and I can't even begin to describe Greygoose's Honey Deuces drink. I also got to see Simon (swoon), and the Williams sister play (or in their case absolutely destroy their doubles competitors), and made it back home pretty close to when it started to pour--all while in this super cute dress with a big bow in the back. Pretty perfect day? I would think so.