Double Slits

Sabo Skirt Crop Top

Why have one slit when you can have two? Twice the breeze, twice the sexiness, twice the leg room. For real now though, this skirt sold me because of the double slits. The crochet is cute, and I'm a sucker for all white all the time, but the high double slit made me stop, look twice and immediately put it into my shopping cart. Of course I wore it on my birthday trip to Turks...best excuse to take out a skirt you just bought but pretty much couldn't wear in NY for the next half year. 

I seem to always love to buy things I can't wear until next season haha..anyone else have that same issue?!




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Don't ever get me started about how few cute down jacket styles created in this world. It's like for the most part you can only get a really warm jacket or a really cute jacket, and this universe where the mix of cute and practical does not exist. 

Can I tell you how excited I was when I discovered Snowman New York? They have the most sleek and stylish down jackets (a lot with the cutest faux fur -- like the one I'm wearing) that makes me honestly NOT mind trudging all over New York in the cold...which let me tell you now, is a huge feat considering how much I hate the cold (I'm sure the people who follow me in instagram (@samanthanie) know--I'm literally in the Carribean every 2-3 months).  Snowman New York's jackets are also super light and have really cool features--for the one I'm wearing, you can unzip the sleeve halfway and show off your cute fluffy sweater you're wearing underneath. 


Striped Crop

H&M High Waisted Shorts
Ray-Ban Mirrored Aviators

I'm pretty sure that over the course of this winter (which isn't even over yet), I've garnered more crop tops than I've ever bought..in my life. Not sure what has gotten into me or why I was so obsessed with them but hey you like what you like right..? Haha. Here's one of my favorite ones I've picked up lately from Sabo Skirt. Stay tuned for my other favorite coming soon!