Off The Shoulder

Boutique 9 Heels
Baublebar Necklace
Gorjana Ring

I find off the shoulder tops really sexy and a bit flirty--something about showing more skin in the shoulder area that really does it for me. This top kind of takes the cake though for femininity. The peplum shape definitely hugs your form in the right way and creates an illusion of super curves, which is definitely my go-to whenever I need a quick and easy feminine look. 

Throw on a pair of jeans, and a pair of fun heels and you got yourself a casual weekend look--perfect for a hang out session with your girlfriends or a date!


Polka Dots

 Zara Top
Banana Republic Cardigan

Sometimes all a girl wants is a simple weekend outfit--classic prints and maybe a good pair of jeans. Guys, I think I found my perfect pair of jeans. These J Brand pair I'm wearing are absolutely perfection. Kind of a strong word but I mean every bit of it. They have more of a stretch than the usual J Brand jean but check out the frayed hem on the bottom. It gives off an unfinished look,  but I love it--especially since his style fits my leg length very well. For the most part jeans bunch a little on the bottom for me since my legs are not as long enough, but these jeans hit the cake--so much so that I ordered a similar pair in black! Stay tuned!




Theory Jacket
Zara Leather Skirt
Boutique 9 Booties
Chanel Bag in Jumbo
Coco and Marie Pearly White Necklace c/o (Use code 'STARRING20' for 20% off your purchase!) 

The weather is getting colder and I'm still baring my legs, trying to compensate for the cold by wearing more leather and fur...not sure if it helps but in my mind it does! 

It's a little more difficult in the winter to look put together especially when it gets super cold and you really could not give two craps about how you look or what you wear as long as it prevents you from becoming a blue/purple icicle. My secret to keeping it together is accessories, especially on days in which I am looking a little less polished. Pearls are a big one for me--I think that they can really uplift any outfit and make it look a little bit more refined. The necklace that I'm wearing from Coco and Marie is a perfect example. I've been layering it with other necklaces and wearing it with pretty much any and every top I have--obviously absolutely loving how it looks with everything!

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