It's all in the details--and details can make or break an outfit. Here are some old photos taken probably around half a year ago, but still trends that I am absolutely loving--florals (duh.), and lace up heels.




Zara Windowpane Shorts
NYX Lip Butter c/o Sunset 45

Lately I've been obsessed with all clothes black or white, or a mix of both. I'm a huge, huge fan of prints and have always been one to pick a crazy multi-colored printed top over a solid neutral color. I've always been more excited to wear something more colorful even if I didn't wear it often. However, I had a quarterlife crisis the other week when I realized (yes, I said quarterlife crisis...don't make fun of me), that I barely had any white/black/nude clothing for work or for days you just need something neutral to go with everything else you're wearing. I lacked the basics!! So everything I've been buying lately has been some color of neutral and I couldn't be happier. The pieces are all super simple but classy and I can wear it all the time..which believe me, I will be doing. 

This top I'm wearing is probably the best example. It goes with everything and anything and it's been my go-to whenever I needed a simple top. Also how can you go wrong with the mesh?



Starry Eyed

 Classic Box c/o Sunset 45 

Another Sunset 45 box, and falling in love with them even more...can you tell?? This box is their Classics box, and the theme for this month was Starry Eyed, which I honestly was SO ecstatic about. I have been eyeing this star-themed Topshop tank, and have had it in my shopping cart for forever (and yes, it is still there). I couldn't get myself to justify the purchase of such an expensive tank..especially if I know I probably would not wear it often (but now that it's on sale...:)). So you can believe how happy I was that Sunset 45 read my mind, and filled the void of star-themed items in my life.

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Here's a sneak peek: