Fall Frenzy

7:25 PM

It's starting to look more like fall, so I took advantage of taking pictures in a more scenic area. :)

 I decided to play around with some lighter colors (light green cardigan and a beige camo tank with metal designs), pairing it with a pair of solid black jeans and my favorite pair of neutral flats. I also decided to mix some of my gold staple pieces with some silver and red jewelry for a subtle contrast.

Gap Cardigan (similar here)  |  Urban Outfitters tank  |  Jewelmint Lioness Bracelet  |  ASOS spike bracelet (silver here)  |  Cartier Love Bracelet  |  Zara pants  |  Ivanka Trump (different colors here)

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  1. hey sam! i knew it was too much of a coincidence for another samanthie nie to comment my blog LOL love your accessories and that pointed-toe flat :) your blog looks great btw, especially in the snapshot option.


    1. hahah! Thanks! I'm trying to figure out how to create a better layout. Hope everything is going well with you! I love reading new entries on your blog! :)


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