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I have been loving this warm weather and obviously, I believe skirts should be worn all year long (if you couldn't tell by my posts so far). I found this beautiful printed Banana Republic tank during Black Friday, and was so excited to wear it. I paired it with an old skort, and to be a little more weather appropriate, put on a pair of booties to keep me warm. I love wearing men's clothes occasionally--in this case it's my cardigan (it's my way of wearing oversized clothes), and plus it keeps the outfit a bit more casual. Oh and did I mention how much I love my semi-frosted sharktooth necklace? Love the edginess, yet delicate look it provides.
Banana Republic tank (similar)  |  On the Byas men's cardigan (similar)  | old Aeropostale skort (lusting after this one)  |  Steve Madden Booties (similar)  |  glint & gleam necklace 

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    1. haha I'll try to be more smiley for you next time!

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