Hosiery: Thigh Highs

3:42 PM

Hi everyone! Today I want to share with you a piece of clothing that I recently found to be super versatile: hosiery! I usually wear pantyhose, but I came across thigh highs, and found that it is a great substitute. Not only is it easy to wear, easy to wash, and take care of (just simply hand wash the hosiery in a bowl of soap or detergent and lay flat to air dry), but it is also a very significant piece that could spice up any outfit, whether it be for work (band hidden under skirt), or for a date night or even girl’s night out!

There is hosiery with back seams, which can give your outfit a classic look. However, if you are looking for something more fun or sexy, thigh highs can also be flirtatious or edgy, depending on the ones you choose to wear! The bands on the thigh highs come in a lot of varieties—lace, floral, edgy patterns.

Just ordered myself a pair of hosiery...can't wait to share with you all soon ;) 

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