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12:19 PM

Hi everyone! Figured I would start posting my instagram pictures of the week each Sunday to show you pictures of what I've been doing for the week! For those who don't know, my Instagram username is @samanthanie. If any of you have instagram accounts, let me know! I'd love to see them!

1. Furniture Shopping--how gorgeous is this patent leather barstool?!

2. Outfit on Saturday [stripes & jacquard--up on blog soon]

3. Outfit on Friday [all black err-thang--up on blog soon!]

4. Sweet Treat to end the day on Wednesday (for those who sign up on Baskin Robbins--they give you a buy one get one free sundae when you do, so get on it!)

5. My second fur vest look here ; The first one is here

6. Shopping at King of Prussia

7. Private Shopping w/ Louis Vuitton

8. Viewing a sneak-peek of SS'13--anyone ready for the new speedy bags?

9. The outfit that started off my year! --here

10. A piece of heaven--peanut butter hot chocolate @Martha's Country Bakery (anyone in the area--you NEED to try this)

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  1. Great shots! Love your style and that Celine purse! x, Kat

    Love and Ace

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