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10:51 PM

1. A perfectly striped sweater c/o Banana Republic
2. As some of you know, I just had surgery so this is all I could bear to eat...congee, coconut jello, and tofu -_-

3. Cutest cookie ever.

4. Outfit to the Auto Show--definitely comfort first!

5. Green tea ice cream--a personal FAVORITE right good. No matter how much I eat, I just can't satisfy the cravings.

6. My third and very last look using the beautiful fur vest!--details here

7. Delicious drinks at the best Mediterranean restaurant ever--absolute best way to start off the weekend.

8. Most delicious dinner. Ever.
Appetizer: Hummus; Entree: Seafood Bouillabaisse (Boyfriend's), Branzini Stuffed with Crabmeat (Mine), Dessert: Rice Pudding

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