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5:16 PM

1. Eggs, Bacon, and Sausage for breakfast, and a jelly donut since it was the closest thing to a paczki I could find for Fat Tuesday

2. Semi-healthy dinner --pasta, shrimp, spinach with a 4 cheese alfredo sauce and tilapia, with a side of orange juice

3. New speedy 30 c/o of my babe, right before the LV increase!

4. Vintage wool tee paired with snakeprint trousers and cowboy boots put together for a valentine-inspired ensemble--see post here

5. Close-ups of the cowboy boots in this post

6. Indulging in my first plate full of food @Ichi Umi

7. Favorite fruits + ice cream

8. Special Valentine's day instagram picture; all equipped with what I love about V-Day

9. self-proclaimed selfieeee

10. Club Night @ Whisper Night Club

11. Starting the night off with a couple of Ciroc Red Berry drinks

12. Actual Valentine's Day outfit --see details here

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  1. You look lovely Samantha!~ totally adoring your new speedy 30 :)


  2. All that food looks delicious! Love your Valentine's day dress...oh so pretty.

    xo erica

  3. All the food looks delicious. And your LV bag is fabulous!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  4. Aah I didn't know about the LV increase! I've wanted a Neverfull for so long!


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