Cable Knit Turtleneck

12:30 AM

Ralph Lauren Short Sleeved Turtle Neck  |  Zara Peplum Cardigan  |  Zara Jeans  |  Franco Sarto Boots

As the weather gets warmer, the layers are starting to come off...although not quite enough. This thick short-sleeved turtleneck does the trick to keep me warm without having to bundle up too much. There usually aren't many days for me to be able to wear this turtleneck, but seeing as how the weather is getting to that in between place, where you don't know whether to wear more winter or summer clothes...I figured this would be ideal. :) 

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  1. a beautiful casual look

    ps: my insta-name is suikerstruisje :)

    *MlleWanderlust *

  2. I love those! My friend has the black pair but she is tall an skinny (with skinny calves). I have always wanted a pair of Wide calf boot but didn’t know if they’d fit or look good on me (I am short with BIG calves). Thanks for the suggestions!

    1. Hey! Omg so sorry just saw this comment!! I saw a pair of vince camuto boots that are SUPER cute and is perfect with someone with bigger calves last season, but I'll need to check for this season. What's your price range??


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