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12:31 AM

My past week was super exciting! Here's some highlights, if you haven't seen them on instagram already.... :)

& quick note to everyone who commented--so sorry I've been taking so long with responding back but I promise I'll have it done soon. The past week was a bit hectic!

1. Celebrating the end of my first day in my new job with a cold beer and a chocolate-covered cannoli.

2. Taking my new driving loafers for a spin at the office

3. Loving the beautiful dusty lavender color of China Glaze's Light As Air--applies super smooth and lasted me a little over a week with perfect nails --no chips!

4. Enjoying a nice deserving beer with some asst. nuts and types of cheese @Brasserie.

5. Winter dress wearing --post hereeeeeeeeee

6. Trying on a Movado Harmony watch-- buy it or leave it??

7. Totally did not realize how long my hair was...until I saw this picture--haircut soon?!

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  1. I love your white shoes!!! I'm like dying to have that now but I can't.. LOL.
    The watch looks nice on you. You can have it!
    I love you hair. If I didn't cut my hair long time ago, I probably have the same hair like you. And if I have that kind of hair I will definitely perm it.

    Want to follow each other?? Follow me and I'll follow back

    Have a great day!
    Ellaine, MuaHugs

  2. Lovely pictures! I will have to find you on Instagram. Mine is: Anngelik15.


  3. Nooo, you don't need to cut your hair I love it!!
    UK High Street Fashion


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