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8:50 PM

Hi everyone! Here is my instagram update for the past week! Sorry it took me a while to put it up but I have special work-related outfit posts for you all next week! xx

1. If you guys have NOT tried forty NEED to. It is the absolute best froyo ever. Even sweeter that it's discounted ;)

2. So excited to get my @shoemint heels, I wore it around the house..--wait for them to be featured in my OOTD's next week--it'll be a professional edition ;)

3. All dark hues this winter, but picked up a bunch of fall-friendly @Zara floral trousers--

4. close up of the @Zara suede vamp heels + amazing floral trousers.

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  1. I've seen forty carrots and never tried it but I'll be sure to next time I'm at Bloomingdales. :)

    I love your floral pants and heels.

    I had a bad experience with Jewelmint so I never tried Shoemint, Homemint or Stylemint, etc. Those heels are amazing though and it's a plus that I love white anything.

    What Jess Wore

    1. omg yeah you need to! so good! haha while you're there..try magnolia bakery too.

      thank you!!!!

      trust me...i had a bad experience with jewelmint too..but even worse with shoemint. my first pair of shoemint heels ripped on the first wear. i got a full refund back...didn't really trust it but couldn't really resist with this there were so many positive reviews...and so far so good!


  2. LOVE those shoemint heels! Are they comfy? Can't wait to see how you dress them up! xx


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