Work Edition 2: Feminine

12:32 AM

Banana Republic Cardigan  |  Black T-shirt Dress  |  Zara Peplum Skirt  |  Hue pantyhose  |  Zara heels 

You can never go wrong with all black everything...and especially because I opted for so much black, I decided to play with the textures of my pieces. I picked out a simple t-shirt dress, in which I wore a peplum skirt over to give the outfit something a bit more than just a bodycon looking silhouette. The leather trim of the skirt also helped distinguish the pieces. At a work environment, you never want to overdo the outfit--usually the simpler the better, so I wore a pair of thicker pantyhose, and a pair of vampy suede heels to boot. Since the weather is obviously still freezing outside, I threw on a very neutral striped cardigan with a silver trim which gives my outfit some subtle color...and there you go! Ta-da! Sorry about the quality of the pictures..definitely wanted to take them outside but with the snow and all last know..had to make do with what I can!

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