Black with a Twist

11:15 AM

Forever 21 Tank  |  H&M Skirt  |  H&M Belt  |  H&M Sandals

Black I'm sure is a lot of people's go-to whenever you don't know what to wear. I feel as though I was never a person to buy anything black, since I always felt like you could always get black items, all the time. It's not like a fashion color that comes and goes with trends. Like many girls, I have a lot of those 'I don't know what to wear; I have nothing to wear' moments. Looking into my closet, it's hard because there are no black pieces that I felt like I could just pull on and have it go with everything else I wanted to wear. Honestly, there just isn't much black clothing in my closet in general. So here is my attempt at expanding the black colored items in my closet. I bought these studded sandals from H&M recently, my first pair of black sandals, and honestly realized how easy it is to pair with everything else I have. Here's to adding more black to my wardrobe...Right now for me, black is the new black.

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  1. Loving the sandals! It's the perfect heel length for walking around all day without feeling like you dragged your feet through a mile of tiny rocks.

    1. Thanks girl! Omg I know. Anything higher would have been miserable. Since the heel is so chunky though, they're extremely comfortable. I've walked miles in these!


  2. great skirt! really like your outfit!


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