Florals Galore

9:19 AM

Urban Outfitters Top (similar here)  |  Forever 21 Floral Skirt  (obsessed with this one here) | H&M Sandals  | Chanel Continental Wallet  | David Yurman Starburst Ring  |  David Yurman Cable Classics Bracelet (in gold here)

Summer is the time to mix prints, be a bit more adventurous and experiment. I used to be a very conservative print wearer--mostly wearing just stripes and the occasional polka dots, but I've learned to include more bold and brighter printed florals into my wardrobe, and now I find myself mixing floral with floral more often than not. The key to it is to find a common color scheme in which both pieces can stand out but mesh well together. In this outfit, the common color is purple. 

How do you mix prints? 

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  1. I could never be as daring! But damn daring looks gooood on you aha


  2. How fresh and pretty this look is! :) I esp love the shoes


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