Graffiti Wall

9:39 AM

Morning Warrior Sweatshirt  |  Boutique 9 Heels  |  Valentino Rocklock  |  August Accessories Hat  | Bychari Necklaces

The secret is out guys. Here is one of my favorite places in Michigan. I flew back spontaneously two weekends ago with my boyfriend, and had to stop by to take photos. Graffiti is something I really learned to appreciate living in New York, so whenever I see a graffiti wall anywhere, I like to take a look.

I went a bit more casual this time than I usually do. I'm not a huge sweatshirt person, but I really loved this one by Morning Warrior. I'd also pair it with a boyfriend jeans a nice belt, but still on the hunt for the perfect pair of boyfriend jeans! So if anybody has any suggestions..throw them my way!

Don't forget to enter in my Firmoo giveaway on my recent post, here. I will also be doing a giveaway soon... so look out! Hint hint it's something I'm wearing in this post!


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  1. Jackie HarrisonMay 1, 2014 at 9:51 AM

    You look fab in this outfit.

  2. Your hat looks amazing with this outfit! Love everything you're wearing :) The background is so cool, too.

    xo Azu

  3. Very nice hat & bag!

    Have a lovely month :)

  4. Great outfit and love the heels and bf jeans!

  5. Kathleen HarperMay 1, 2014 at 2:49 PM

    Love this look! Great combo and your hat is stunning! I love the distressed denim and edgy leather
    Have a marvelous day!

  6. Looove the location!! - Cool pictures! :))


  7. Amazing look! I love the jeans and the jacket!

  8. Loved ur outfit. very nice Samantha :)


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