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Zara Windowpane Shorts
NYX Lip Butter c/o Sunset 45

Lately I've been obsessed with all clothes black or white, or a mix of both. I'm a huge, huge fan of prints and have always been one to pick a crazy multi-colored printed top over a solid neutral color. I've always been more excited to wear something more colorful even if I didn't wear it often. However, I had a quarterlife crisis the other week when I realized (yes, I said quarterlife crisis...don't make fun of me), that I barely had any white/black/nude clothing for work or for days you just need something neutral to go with everything else you're wearing. I lacked the basics!! So everything I've been buying lately has been some color of neutral and I couldn't be happier. The pieces are all super simple but classy and I can wear it all the time..which believe me, I will be doing. 

This top I'm wearing is probably the best example. It goes with everything and anything and it's been my go-to whenever I needed a simple top. Also how can you go wrong with the mesh?


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  1. I love a good pair of printed shorts.

    xx Cheyenne

  2. Such a pretty outfit !


    All the best

    Cassie Fashion

  3. Windowpane is one of my favorites!! Especially since I typically gravitate towards monochrome colors haha. I totally agree with you on buying neutral basics too! I've been trying to buy more pieces that can be worn frequently. Anyway, this outfit looks great!! I love the shorts :)


  4. Gorgeous heels! Such a fabulous combo and you look super fierce and beautiful. Love it!

  5. Hey there Samantha!
    Totally love how you styled those white mesh shell v neck shirt. Your sandals complimented your cute shorts.

    Stay in style,
    Lookbook Store


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