US Open

6:00 AM

Valentino Rocklock Bag

Went to my first US Open, and definitely have made it a pact for it not to be my last. Even though I got pretty sunburned (and really though guys, I never get sunburned. Ever.--I've gone to Miami when it's scorching and have gotten away with putting only tanning oil on while my girlfriends all got burned like a lobster--so you can kind of tell how intense the sun was that day), it was such a blast. 

The food was amazing, and I can't even begin to describe Greygoose's Honey Deuces drink. I also got to see Simon (swoon), and the Williams sister play (or in their case absolutely destroy their doubles competitors), and made it back home pretty close to when it started to pour--all while in this super cute dress with a big bow in the back. Pretty perfect day? I would think so. 

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  1. The bow in the back of your dress is such a cute detail.

    xx Cheyenne

  2. Love the bow detail in the back of your dress. I hope your sunburn goes away soon.

  3. I hope you had a great time! It sounds like an awesome experience :) Your dress was just perfect for the occasion! I absolutely love the back!


    Looks by Lau

  4. Your dress is gorgeous! You look so good!

    X, Ania -

  5. Lucky you!
    Love the bow in the back of your dress.

  6. How beautiful is this look?! I love everything about it! That dress is so flattering. Lovely!


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