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 Aqua Tank (more Aqua tops here!)
Rehab Clothing Skirt 
Skechers Western Booties (available in stores, but more booties here) c/o
Chanel Jumbo Bag

Last week I went to Oyster Bay in Long Island for their annual Oyster Festival. They had a whole section just for festival rides, which you can definitely see in the background of my photos above, but they also had a way bigger section for food stands that had everything from seafood to fried desserts, and little shops. I had SUCH a great time with all the food and more food ( I mean how can you not?! I'm the hugest seafood fan and I absolutely love festivals..it's like a cross made in heaven!)

I was wearing heels prior to this and decided to change into these Skecher's Olive Western booties which kept me super comfy walking around for hours. They're also in the perfect shade of green that's pretty much perfect for Fall. Check out more of their boots selection here!


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  1. This skirt is gorgeous.

    xx Cheyenne

  2. babe your booties..... Its super cold here in toronto but i'm still wearing booties all the way! mwahahaha you look gorg!!

    xoxo, Mango

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  3. That skirt is like falling icicles in winter. Loving all over it!

  4. You have outdone yourself Samantha! Loving your style. :D

    ♥ | www.connect-the-cloths.com | xoxo


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