Classic Edge

6:00 AM

 Choies Dress c/o
Banana Republic Sweater
Steve Madden Booties
Chloe Marcie Crossbody

The latter portion of this year, I've really started to gravitate less for all of the colorful floral and prints I've always never been able to resist buying, to more of a staples and neutrals, which I have really started to thank myself for because well duh, they go with everything and I wear them all the time. This Choies dress is pretty much one of those. It has such a classic black and white striped look, but that asymmetrical bottom really sold me. It's unique and edgy but still classic. I've been such a repeat offender with this, and have absolutely no shame about it. Since it's a dress, it's even better. I get to wear a sweater over it (like how I did here), and turn it into more of a 'skirt', and I've also worn it with different jackets/cardigans and vests.

Hooray to versatility, and Choies for helping me discover my new favorite go-to dress.


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  1. The hem of this dress looks awesome!

    xx Cheyenne

  2. perfect look, i love this, i wanna invite you to read my new post

  3. I have that dress! I love how you made it fall appropriate! I have to try it!

    On another note, I've been wanting to order from Choies but was unsure -- how did you like the shipping/quality?


  4. Jessica (What To Style)November 3, 2014 at 4:42 PM

    Amazing look! Cool dress! =D

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  5. The dress is such a wonderful style and you look amazing in it! Such an amazing last shot dear and your legs are wonderful!!! Lovely you :) xoxo

  6. Perfect layering here girl!! I absolutely love the asymmetrical hem of the skirt.You look lovely!



    Looks by Lau

  7. Great outfit!!!!!


  8. This look is so you :)

    Perfect as always!

    Dolce Kisses ♥

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  9. Hmmm, how did you come up with that style? dress and knitted...nice! I will have to go back to Satch today. I saw knitted very similar to that one at 60% off! exciting to have your style in our campus here in Australia! :)

  10. The Fashionable ESQNovember 15, 2014 at 8:48 AM

    I love an asymmetrical skirt/hem. You layered this perfectly. I also love your cross body xo

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