Off The Shoulder

6:00 AM

Boutique 9 Heels
Baublebar Necklace
Gorjana Ring

I find off the shoulder tops really sexy and a bit flirty--something about showing more skin in the shoulder area that really does it for me. This top kind of takes the cake though for femininity. The peplum shape definitely hugs your form in the right way and creates an illusion of super curves, which is definitely my go-to whenever I need a quick and easy feminine look. 

Throw on a pair of jeans, and a pair of fun heels and you got yourself a casual weekend look--perfect for a hang out session with your girlfriends or a date!

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  1. Cute and simple. Loving your shoe.

  2. Your heels are so stellar! Love this look.

  3. I love this top! Just checked out the website for LookbookStore and love it! Just a question though- whats your take on the quality of the items?

    xx shabnam

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