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Theory Jacket
Zara Leather Skirt
Boutique 9 Booties
Chanel Bag in Jumbo
Coco and Marie Pearly White Necklace c/o (Use code 'STARRING20' for 20% off your purchase!) 

The weather is getting colder and I'm still baring my legs, trying to compensate for the cold by wearing more leather and fur...not sure if it helps but in my mind it does! 

It's a little more difficult in the winter to look put together especially when it gets super cold and you really could not give two craps about how you look or what you wear as long as it prevents you from becoming a blue/purple icicle. My secret to keeping it together is accessories, especially on days in which I am looking a little less polished. Pearls are a big one for me--I think that they can really uplift any outfit and make it look a little bit more refined. The necklace that I'm wearing from Coco and Marie is a perfect example. I've been layering it with other necklaces and wearing it with pretty much any and every top I have--obviously absolutely loving how it looks with everything!

Check out other jewelry on Coco and Marie

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  1. Hey dear, i do love your fur hat. so stylish, and must be warm. I am Royal Wang

  2. This jacket is perfection. Such a beautiful combo!

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