6:00 AM

 Aqua Skull Scarf
Boutique 9 Booties
Chanel Jumbo in Light Beige

My favorite accessory in the winter is a scarf. They're relatively inexpensive (depending on what material/brand you buy), and the come in many different fun patterns for you to mix and match! The one I'm wearing here is from Bloomingdale's brand Aqua, in which I paired with super casual clothes--an oversized pullover from Helmut Lang in which I've been living in this season, and a pair of comfy fleece jeans from Buffalo Jeans. I decided to stay with neutrals but you could honestly wear any kind of scarf with this outfit. Keep your outfit simple, and let your accessories do all the talking! 


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  1. Gorgeous! Love the scarf and black boots.

  2. Love that skull pullover. xoxo

  3. You look astonishing! I can't think of time when I was out in a good outfit, case I sit all day at home and help write a research paper. I have even no time to eat properly.

  4. Thanks for sharing amazing information !!!!!!
    Please keep up sharing.


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