Vegas Day I 1/2: Antigua

6:00 AM

Chanel Boy Bag

Hi all! If you read my last post, I mentioned how the weather was definitely a lot colder than I expected it to be in Vegas--even after checking the forecast for the week. I managed to get lucky and get great weather on the day we got there but as it hit night time, the temperature started to drop so I definitely had to change into something a bit warmer (yes, I'm talking about the sweater I'm wearing because that dress definitely was not keeping me warm--although it looks cute doesn't it?) 

I was obsessed with the Antigua dress from For Love & Lemons, but I kind of liked it more as a skirt, which worked out for me because throwing on a thick sweater and a leather jacket on top of that kept me warm enough to make up for the amount of skin I was showing in the bottom half. Ended up wearing this outfit for a nice stroll outside and then to the Cirque Du Soleil show we booked. 

Hope everyone is having a great first full week of 2015 so far! Stay tuned for more Vegas photos and giveaways to come!

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  1. so pretty, I love that skirt on u :)


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