Vegas Day II: Golden

6:00 AM

Rachel Roy Loafers

Happy Monday all! Here is what I wore for Day 2 in Vegas! No longer in skirts and sandals because the weather got so much colder. Pretty much gave myself a pat on the back for bringing jeans and a leather jacket..but secretly wishing I brought over a pea coat. To make up for it, I went a bit brighter--with a gold glittery crop top..because if I can't have my sunshine...need to compensate for that somehow.. :)


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  1. love the ruffle detail on you top

  2. I couldn't believe how cold it was in Vegas!! This is still such a cute outfit though :) The leather jacket is perfect!


    Looks by Lau

  3. Looking fabulous - love that jacket!

  4. I KNOW! haha thanks love! so happy to finally meet you over the weekend! xx

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