Vegas Day III: Sequins

6:00 AM

 Urban Outfitters Tank
Asos Jacket (loving these here)
Zara Boots (suede ones here)

I wore this outfit on Christmas in Vegas--since I couldn't have warm weather or the Christmas lights in New York, I made up for it by wearing some sequins to be a bit more holiday-festive. Don't be fooled by the summer-looking palm (?) trees in the back. It was freezing in Vegas this Christmas..I had to quickly take off the jacket and cashmere scarf I had on to snap some of these photos.

I love a good sequin (or lace) piece. I think that it really helps dress things up when needed--best example being my outfit here. Without my jacket, my outfit would be much more casual. The sequins give it a more fun and dressier look.

What do you usually wear to dress up your outfits?

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  1. Samantha!! <3 You look amazing!

    I actually love sequins too! Definitely try to dress up using sequins, but I'm opposite to you because I like to dress lace down more ~

    -Ally Gong

  2. Your hair looks stunning!! :))


  3. Aw thank you sweetie! I love dressing lace down too! Lace is a staple of mine..:) xx


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