All About that Bass

6:00 AM

(Use code 'STARRINGSAM20' for 20% off your order!)

Music is a huge part of my life. It's one of the most therapeutic things, I think. Whenever I am stressed out and upset or angry or just do not know how to react, music always helps me feel better. When I leased a car for work, the one requirement I made sure that it had were good speakers so I can just blast music and rock out to myself.. ;). 

When you can't just pump music in public? The most crucial thing to have? Good headphones. My favorites are the ones that help emphasize the bass, and the ones I'm wearing are definitely ones that do it well..and on the plus side? They're SUPER affordable and so cute for everyday. 100% hands down one of the best deals for your buck...which I'm sure you can tell...they're sold out at the moment! Check out their website at and use discount code 'STARRINGSAM20' for 20% off your purchase. Happy shopping!


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  1. Love the headphones!! I saw similar ones at Typo :)



  2. Lovely headphones I like them

  3. Such cute headphones - love the floral!

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