Firenze II

6:00 AM

Zara Jacket
H&M Blazer
Jonathan Adler Scarf (in blue and white here)

So guys, this was probably my favorite view of the entire Italy trip..something about the merry-go-round in the middle of nowhere brought me back to my childhood days. I was really tempted to get on it but couldn't bring myself to sit with all the 3-5 year old kids and their parents haha...

This day was probably the warmest we experienced on our entire Italy trip. I kept it simple and casual in destroyed denim, a simple v-neck top and a blazer with sneakers so I would be comfortable walking everywhere (which I pretty much lived in the entire trip). I threw on my favorite Jonathan Adler scarf for some color and my new Saint Laurent bag (bought first day in Milan..I know I couldn't help myself), and was good to go and explore Florence!


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  1. Cute outfit and nice photos



  2. Nice outfit combo. I like how you combined the more tailored jacket with the distressed jeans. I wouldn't have thought to combine those two but together they create a fun, spunky outfit that's casual with an international flair. I'm a blogger at The Clothing Cove (where we carry the Rachel Marie line you instagrammed on). If you get a sec, check out our latest blog where we gave a shout-out to you:


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