6:00 AM

Hello from Grand Cayman! Jetted off to paradise for a long weekend and really took the opportunity to indulge in some amazing R&R. We rented a cabana one of the days and decided to lounge around in my very appropriate metallic pasay dress from Mestiza, which fit beautifully with the backdrop (if I do say so myself.. ;)). 

Mestiza is a new Filipino-owned and inspired brand from New York City. They fuse Philippine colonial fashion with modern silhouettes that can be worn all year round, and in many different occasions. I styled it in a more casual way for the beach, in the most comfiest Skechers sandals from their Cali collection (there's a luxe foam bottom--which really came in handy with lots of walking around), and a straw hat. 

Pura Vida! 


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