6:00 AM

 Theory Jacket (similar here)
Zara Sweater
H&M Skirt
Chanel Bag

Hi loves! Hope you all had an amazing weekend and a happy Easter! Here's what I wore during Venice on my Italy trip! Unfortunately it was still pretty chilly and I had to wear tights, but Venice made up for all of that. The entire experience was absolutely amazing--from the romantic gondola ride to getting lost in their side streets to pigging out on gelato three times a day (to be honest, we did that everywhere in Italy...and found pretty amazing spots everywhere we if anyone is going any time soon, I have plenty of recommendations haha).

Stay tuned for more photos of my Italy trip...and videos once I figure out how to edit them properly!


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  1. Beatriz JiménezApril 6, 2015 at 6:56 AM

    Ohh!! I love Venice!! I want back soon :)
    It's a magic place....
    Great outfit dear!

  2. Hello from Spain: I really like your outfit. It is very trendy. Keep in touch.

  3. love the zipper detail on your jacket.

  4. You look so beautiful Samantha!! I am really jealous of all your wonderful travels-I am glad you're documenting and sharing with us. Gelato three times a day sounds divine.

  5. So beautiful as always!!! That bag is everything. Xo

  6. You officially have the best bags!


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