Skirt Suit

6:00 AM

H&M Jacket
Zara Top
Zara Boots

I love matching skirt suits...and am on a hunt still for a cute matching shorts suit...but when I saw this one at H&M (for the most affordable price ever...), how could I say no? I love the subtle tweed in a black and white pattern which makes it so easy to wear together or separately. I paired the set with a simple white blouse from Zara, and one of my favorite bags, my Valentino Rocklock crossbody to provide a pop of red!


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  1. very chic outfit. Also love your nails

  2. That suit it so cool and your legs are gorgeous in those tights! The close shots of them are so appreciated and enjoyed!! Lovely, sexy lady :) xoxo

    All Things Bright and Lovely


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