Flowy Pinks

6:00 AM

Zara Crop Top (similar here and here)
Zara Skirt
Forever 21 Vest
Zara Strappy Heels

So it's been extremely hot in NY...and when I say extremely hot, I mean EXTREMELY hot. It's been 90's every day and I can't help but wear a ton of white--mostly because I do own and love a lot of my white clothes (although not sure I really should be buying anymore because I'm clumsy and stain them all so quickly), but also because it absorbs the least heat. I've been living in crop tops and skirts and everything light and flowy (pretty much anything to keep from melting)--one of them being this lightweight vest in a pink so pale that it almost matches my new Fendi peekaboo bag perfectly.

For all who do not follow me on Instagram, this is my newest summer bag and I'm obsessed...and not just because I have the cutest bag bug on it--although it's super cute, isn't it?!


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