Black Plaid

6:00 AM

Zara Dress

So it was high of 46 degrees today in New York...pretty sure we just skipped Fall and went straight ahead to Winter...bring on the months of boots and thick clothing--but for now, I'm keeping warm without having to layer on too much. I can still rely on thick dresses and ponchos to stay warm in. This Old Navy poncho I'm wearing in black plaid is my new favorite and I can't tell you guys how many compliments I got in it--nobody could believe it was under $40 (including myself when I went shopping for it)--but believe it, and happy shopping!


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  1. Super post. I love it really. Stay in touch. I hope you visit my blog also. Have a new post to.

  2. Hello from Spain: great boots. Fabulous outfit. Nice pics. Keep in touch

  3. loving the cape! so chic! :D

    Have a great week!
    Animated Confessions

  4. Ahh this is one of my favorite looks from you! Can't believe that poncho is from Old Navy -- it's too cute!!


    Looks by Lau


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