6:00 AM

H&M Crop Top
Zara Vest
Zara Heels

So I'm kind of in love with this vest I'm wearing, and even though it's been called similar to a lab coat by some people (you know who you are), I still love it just as much. I decided to pair it with a neutral grey crop top--my favorite since it's so simple and has the most flattering lines, and destroyed denim to keep it casual. To spruce things up, I also added a chunky statement necklace--one of the biggest ones I own thanks to Happiness Boutique, and I was good to go for my nail appointment!

Check out some of Happiness Boutique's jewelry here ; they have tons and tons of styles and they're all equally me it took me forever to choose what I wanted!


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  1. Love your vest.

  2. You look fabulous! I love this long vest, such a stunning combination.

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