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Hey everyone! Hope you're all having an amazing is getting a bit warmer in NY and the days seem to be getting in more sunshine..or so I'd like to think! It's really making me look forward to spring and for me, spring means brighter colors in my wardrobe...especially my intimates! 

I think that throughout the past 6 years, I drastically changed my wardrobe. I went from wearing print on print ALL the time to the most basic neutrals. However, one thing that never changed were all the bright colors and prints I loved getting for my intimates! 

This deep orchid color on this On Gossamer bra and hip-g is pretty bold but beautiful, but let me tell you..that's not my favorite thing about this bra (surprised? yeah me too..I'm such a sucker for colors!). I am a big fan of a bra with support and a bit of a push up but after wearing push up bras for a long period of time, they start to get a bit uncomfortable for me. 

For the month I've been wearing this bra around, I have never had that problem. In fact, this Sheer Bliss bra is SO lightweight I sometimes forget that I even have a bra on. This bra is what they call a 'spacer' bra, which makes it breathable and lighter than a traditional bra. If you feel the cups, they have a more kind of squishy material since there's space between the actual fibers of the fabric. I was so excited to find that I was able to get this kind of lift with the material since most spacer bras are kind of like t-shirt bras. I really haven't found or seen any other bra like this on the if you're like me and can really appreciate a push up bra but want something a bit lighter and more breathable (okay but really though why would you not want that?), then you HAVE to check out On Gossamer's Sheer Bliss Uplift. This deep orchid color is new and just came out this month, but if you want something a bit more neutral, they also have a champagne color (here). Trust me, you won't be disappointed.


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