Coral Daisies

6:00 AM

Happy Monday all! StHappy Monday all! Starting to celebrate spring with more colors than I've been wearing lately, but it seems pretty fitting for this beautiful weather...not to mention for Easter!

My favorite part of this outfit is the Sloan fit dress I’m wearing. I’m kind of in love with how this dress fits…the style and cut of it is super flattering and pretty much makes me look like I have curves in all the right places (a.k.a. a much smaller waist than I actually have..thank you Banana Republic!).  The dress is form fitting but stretchy, which let me eat a 3 course meal during brunch AND take these photos after (again..thank YOU Banana Republic). For all of you who are not as keen about the bright orange color, it also comes in a black and a navy, which is awesome for every day wear (throw a cardigan and sandals/sneakers on) or work (shop the colors here).

Also can we talk about this bag? It’s the cutest design and it comes in a bunch of colors—brown suede for your neutrals, red leather and blue suede for the bolder, and this daisy faux leather, which I think is perfect for the spring time. The pink and light blue flowers on top of the dark navy really makes the print pop. I’m already thinking about other ways I can wear this with..pretty sure it would be gorgeous with an all white or light neutral outfit (hint hint..this might be something you’ll see in a future outfit.. :) )!

Enjoy the beautiful weather and longer days of sunshine (could not be happier for days after we turn the clock back), and shopping at Banana (they’re running a 40% off your entire purchase that is way too hard to stay away from—use code: ‘BRSPRING’ to take advantage!)


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