Peplum Halter

6:00 AM

Zara Oversized Cardigan
Schutz Booties (Suede version here)

Happy Monday loves! For all of you sweet tooths out there, I hope you all took advantage of Macaron day yesterday (I definitely did...check out some photo proof on my instagram here). 

Just when I thought I had enough in my peplum collection in my closet, this piece comes along..and it's probably my favorite. It cinches my waist at the best spot and also flares out more to give a super feminine look. I paired it with some leather leggings, leather booties and oversized cardigan to give it an edgier look.


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  1. I love the urban background of those photos

  2. Awesome look!! Love the leather pants!!

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  3. I love the top! Wonderful photos :)

  4. what a cute top.

  5. I need that boots.


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