Respect My Hustle

8:00 AM

Chloe Mini Drew (solid colors here)

I'm not a huge graphic tee person, but when I find a good one I NEED to buy it. This one from Private Party pretty much spoke to my heart. For those who know me, I am huge on the fact that everybody, no matter how successful or how much of a veteran you are at your field, there is always room to grow, always more things to learn, and always, always, always ways to better yourself. I'm huge on opportunity cost and freak out about losing time. I get bored easily and constantly need to be doing things that make me feel excited and satisfied with life (thank you blog for keeping me on the edge of my toes all the time)...which actually really works out in my favor since it pushes my limits and drives me to accomplish things that really make me satisfied and proud of myself..and honestly what more can I really want out of life?

The end goal for me is always happiness. My career direction, style and mentality may change throughout time, but one thing for sure will not change is what I want in the end, and the fact that I will hustle to get there.


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  1. What a fun tee shirt

  2. Such a cool look! I would definitely wear something like this :)


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