Sheer Panels

6:00 AM

Happy Friday you guys!! Hope you’ve all had an amazing week. I’m finally taking my first vacation of the year (suuuper long over due, I know), and could not be more excited for some R&R. Can you guess where I’m going? Follow along on snapchat (@SAMANTHANIE—also send me some snaps and I’ll send you some back!) and instagram (@SAMANTHANIE) for more real-time updates!

Anyway, onto today’s outfit post!

Have you guys ever gotten tired of something really easily? I do. I get tired of things super thing in particular that I get tired of really quickly? The contents of my closet, so I'm always looking for pieces that are more versatile that I can wear in multiple ways.

This geo-lace sheer panel dress from Banana is one of those! You can button it up and wear it as a dress (dress it up with some heels, wear it to work), but I honestly loved it more unbuttoned as a cardigan. It gives it more of a flare, and helps accentuate the peplum top I'm wearing underneath. Speaking of peplum, I’m kind of in love with the light blue color and the super thin white lines. They’re subtle enough as a print that makes it flattering to wear, and really easy to pair.

Being able to transform your outfit can really freshen up your ‘old’ closet. So next time you’re feeling like you have nothing to wear (welcome to my every day morning routine), try something new! Wear a slip dress as a top, tucked into jeans. Fold down the collars of your button down shirts and tuck them inside and wear it off the shoulder. Layer turtlenecks underneath summer dresses. Take a risk..maybe it’ll inspire you to get creative and wear your old clothes in new ways!


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