Sweatshirt Dress

6:00 AM

Tobi Sweatshirt Dress (see other Casual Dresses and Long Sleeve Dresses; other dress options here and here)

I love a simple dress with not so simple cuts. This slit kind of makes the entire dress no? It's super casual and comfy but the slit gives it so much more edge.  I decided to dress it up with a black and white jacket with fringe detailing and some super-cute-but-takes-me-forever-to-put-on lace up heels.

Here are some other jackets you can check out to get a similar look: cute jackets (awesome options here) and heels (obsessed with these options here)!

Enjoy the long weekend all! The weather's supposed to be beautttttiful! Would love to hear what you are all doing for the long weekend! Snap me at @SAMANTHANIE and I'll send a snap back!


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