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Hey all! I've been dying to wear this skirt and couldn't have been happier that I was able to strut around with it on in Cancun. Here I wore it really casually over my bikini as a cover-up, but at night or indoors, I would pair it with a crop top. 

I'm kind of in love with this skirt (it gives me major mermaid vibes--not sure if it was the long crochet silhouette or if I've been spending too much time at the pool with kids who have mermaid swimming tails), but I have to thank Dailylook's Elite service for this. Without them, I would NOT have discovered this. 

Honestly, I've tried out a ton of subscription services where they send you boxes of something per month (clothes, jewelry, name it!), and I've always ended up cancelling because I realize that I'm wasting time and money on a service that really doesn't know me very well. I get sent items that I don't love, that I don't wear and end up sending back anyway. I'm usually a bit turned off by subscription service boxes, but Dailylook's Elite Service really impressed me. Reasons?

1) Their style profile survey is super extensive. It takes a bit more time to complete than ones that others have, which I really appreciated because honestly you do not get a good representation of my style or taste by a few pictures I need to choose from. You can also opt out of getting certain items (ex. jewelry, shoes, etc.)
2) The service are extremely helpful and the boxes get to you fairly quickly. You also have free shipping both ways!
3) You have so many options: changing your delivery date, how frequently you get the boxes, etc., which is awesome for conveniency 
4) For $40/month, they send you 7-11 hand picked items to try on at home--that's way more items than other subscription boxes I've tried--with that many items you are bound to love at least 1 thing. 
5) You can also preview the items that are being sent to you right when it ships..for all of you who can not wait or contain their excitement this is great haha

They were pretty much on point with everything I got sent over. For the most part, almost everything fit super well, and was something that I really liked and saw myself wearing. The great part is they also include a plastic bag inside and will send you a return label to send off everything you don't want to keep. I was super impressed with what they sent over (so take time filling out that style profile). When you check out after you get your box, you can see a note from your stylist explaining why she picked the pieces that were sent to you. You can also leave feedback on the items you kept/returned. The boxes get better and better over time as your stylist gets to know you better! 

I would totally recommend this towards anyone looking to add to their wardrobe and want to try something new. I love surprises and discovering new pieces and Dailylook made it SO easy for me! Sign up here to try it out!

Stay tuned for more posts with clothes I've kept from my Elite box!!


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