Draped Pullover

6:00 AM

Banana Republic Magda Booties

Happy Monday all! The weather in New York definitely got a bit colder recently which means I can get away with mixing lighter and heavier pieces. This is probably the type of weather I look forward to all year, mostly because I love being able to feel like I can pick up anything in my closet and be able to wear it comfortably. One clothing combo that I love in particular is being able to wear a comfy sweater with a skirt and boots.

This drapey pullover from Banana Republic is a mix of silk and cashmere. It’s thin yet super soft and kind of perfect for this in-between weather. I paired the sweater with one of my favorites (an oldie yet goodie off-white skirt), and suede booties in this great mushroom color. I’ve garnered a pretty impressive collection of black boots and booties over the years and love that I’ve been able to find a pair I love in another neutral color..which really shouldn’t surprise you at all if you guys have read my previous posts haha..I am such a big neutral person and am always on the hunt for new neutrals. See more great pieces at Banana Republic (they have a bunch of styles at 40% off right now)!

Anyway, get ready for a bunch of more Spring/Fall combos coming up!


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  1. What a lovely top. Have a great week.


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