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Theory Sweater
7 For All Mankind Velvet Pants (similar bootcut version here)

It's officially mid-December which means it's pretty much almost my birthday, but actually almost the holidays! The tree at Rockefeller center is lit up, and flurries of snow has been settling in today. I love love love seeing everybody super happy and festive and into the whole holiday's hands down my favorite time of year even though I'm always dreading the cold. 

One of my favorite things for the holidays is definitely the more festive clothing...for me that definitely does NOT mean ugly Christmas sweaters. I'm thinking more along the lines of chunky knits, velvet jeans and lots of sequins/sparkle. These velvet jeans in the color boysenberry is beautiful for this season..I wore it very casually, but if you wear it with a sequin blazer or maybe a cute off the shoulder top and heels, you can definitely dress it up to something more fun or holiday party appropriate!


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  1. I also love this time of year. Have a great week.

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