Corset Leggings

6:00 AM

How bomb are these corset leggings? I'm obsessing over the side lacing details, although I'll have to admit I think that the zipper in the back is a bit difficult to get in and out of.

There are a few different materials that will really just never get old--leather and suede are two of those. Both of the pieces that I'm wearing are faux, but the jacket is softer than any real suede I've ever owned. This light pink/nude suede gave me the perfect contrast of feminine paired with the leggings.

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  1. Your legging are amazing

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  3. Great styling heels.
    You look beautiful.
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  4. The waistband pockets with some of my pants are a bit small for my phone, but hold my house key without it moving or fearing it falling out. I'll definitely be buying another pair of these work out leggings!

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