Pinstripe Skirt

11:29 AM

Stuart Weitzman OTK Boots

Growing up, pinstripes have always had a more formal feel to me. When I thought pinstripes, I thought dress pants or blazers or a pant suit. I never really thought of wearing it out casually to go out in...which I'm super glad my perspective has changed. I love that pinstripes have been used in more casual pieces such as this mini skirt. I usually love the whole 'taken from the boys' look, but kind of love how this skirt was given more feminine details like having a tie for you to wrap into a bow. I've also been wearing a lot less patterns lately versus what I did a few years ago, so I kind of count stripes and pinstripes as my new patterns..classic patterns that never really go out of style!


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  1. I'm obsessed with skirts right now! This one looks great!


  2. I'm loving the Pin-Stripes! If you need inspiration check out our blog.



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