5 Ways to Wear a Fur Jacket

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One of the best things about the cold weather (in my opinion), is keeping warm in stylish layers and coats. One of my favorite things to wear is a nice thick fur jacket. I'm usually prone to get real fur, but for all of you who prefer faux fur instead, there are some great options (like the one I'm wearing above!). 

Here are some tips on how to wear it:

1. Keep the rest of your outfit simple.
If your fur jacket is bright or colorful or full of patterns, keep the rest of your outfit simplistic. Sometimes it's nicer to have the fur jacket stand out on it's own without anything else looking too busy.

2. Keep your outfit monochrome. 
Keeping your entire outfit one color to match your jacket has been super chic these days. I decided to follow that to a certain extent by keeping my sweater and jeans in different shades of grey. 

3. Pair them with a cool pair of sneakers or boots.
I love fur jackets and I will wear them in almost every occasion. For running errands, I like to pair them with a pair of low boots with patterns on it (ex. croc), or a pair of sneakers like these Vince ones with a snake print on top to give it a cool girl look.

4. Wear the jacket with something more formal. 
For winter weddings, I prefer to wear fur on top of a gown instead of a peacoat or long coat. They tend to be warmer and give my outfit more of a luxe look. For something more fashion forward, you can also wear it with a sleek pant suit to give it a more casual look. 

5. Pair it with a over the knee boots and a mini skirt/dress.
I love skirts and dresses and will wear them no matter the season. When it's not warm enough to wear sandals or bare your legs, I'm a huge fan of wearing a thick sweater dress or a sweater on top and mini skirt on bottom with a pair of over the knee boots to limit the amount of skin showing. Pair that with a fur jacket and you're good to go!

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