Antigua Diaries: Florals & Lace Ups

12:24 PM

Outfit 1:
Tobi Shift Dress (special promo right now at 50% off for $29)

Outfit 2:
Tobi Floral Crop Top (special promo right now at 50% off for $25)
Zara Sandals

Outfit 3:

Happy Friday with photos from Antigua! I just got back from a one week vacation there, and am so sad that I'm back! It's been super rainy in NY and way colder than it should be for end of May :(... so here are some tropical sunny photos to brighten it up! 

All of my outfits above are from Tobi and are SO affordable. Everything I'm wearing is under $50, and if you sign up, your first order is 50% off.

Happy shopping, and stay tuned for my Antigua travel guide!


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  1. You look stunning in that black ensemble! so cute!


  2. That two piece set is my favorite. Love the Tobi style.
    Perfect location for these cool, tropical pieces.

  3. You look beautiful in all three outfits! En the location is also a dream! x

  4. Such a cute floral dress!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  5. You look always stunning!Love the first dress:-)


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