Floral Trench

6:00 AM

I've been slowly bringing back a lot of floral into my closet after really spending the past two years adding solids and neutrals in. I've been adding a lot of floral tops, and some embellished bottoms, but one of my favorite floral statement pieces is this ornate floral trench. This floral trench gives me life!! If this isn't the epitome of sunshine, I'm not sure what is. Also, tell me how cute the bows on the sleeves are! 

I opted to wear a monochromatic white on white outfit underneath so that it didn't overpower the florals, and decided to go with something a little edgy to complete my outfit. These mules are definitely my go-tos for the summer. I am completely obsessed with the asymmetry on them. It definitely gives a twist on your typical mules..not to mention they're in the softest leather and so freaking comfy. You'll probably catch me in them all summer...so don't get tired of seeing them on my Instagram just yet...sorry, but not sorry. :)

P.S. I balayaged my hair again! I went a lot lighter..going from ashy brown (although really it ended up being brassy brown at the end) to an ashy blonde for the summer. It took a little getting used to but I am 100% on board for this lighter color! Not sure how I'm going to go back to darker hair anymore!!

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