Peep Toe Booties

6:00 AM

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Transitioning from summer to fall has been a bit weird in New York. The weather has been either super cold or super hot and it just doesn't really feel like there's true Fall anymore, except for the few lucky days we get some nice weather.

I'm always trying to decide whether to put full on boots on, or sandals. Good thing I found an in between with these peep-toe booties. They've been a nice balance on foot coverage haha. I also really love the perforated look with the side zipper. I personally think it gives it a bit more edge and it's easy to pair with something equally as edgy like a leather item (skirt, jacket, pants), or even something ver girly for some contrast. The chunky heel is also great for on the go. I've always wanted a bit more height without killing my feet, so thicker, more comfortable heels were always my go!

Restricted Shoes does a good job in having assortment for all kinds of styles, so if this isn't your taste, they have everything from sandals to loafers to boots to sneakers. 

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  1. Aren't you a little too fat to be wearing crop tops? You claim to be a fashionista but you don't know how to dress for your body type at all.

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